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Two Way Sofa
Two Way Sofa
Two Way Sofa

Two Way Sofa


A two way sofa. A smaller couch that transforms into a chaise lounge. In soft yellow cotton with piping detail. This sofa is structurally very well made with a strong metal support system. If you press on the side you can push the sofa into its second position with very little effort. The angled legs greatly complement the modern shape as it gives the area around the bold sofa some space to ‘breathe’. There is a little bit of fading but the impact is still very fresh and the fabric is clean. We have priced the sofa accordingly. We have been told that it’s an Italian design from 2000 however we are unable to confirm designer. Please feel free to contact us for more photos.


As Sofa-
86cm Height
161cm Length
64cm Seat Width
84cm Total Width (space) around the sofa

As Chaise-
95cm extended